Photo Competition - CLOSED!


'Searching South Norwood'

Welcome to the first of a new regular / irregular community picture quiz centred on South Norwood. The idea being to get you goodly folk out there looking around your locality, and seeking out the little gems of SE25 !

Below are five numbered images showing architectural details of buildings / structures within SE25. They are all located close to the centre of South Norwood and can be viewed from street level on the exterior of the structure in question.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

The object is to identify the location of each of the images, by naming the road on which they stand and the name or number of the building on which they appear. If a number appears in the image, simply name the building/business/or past name etc. The more accurate you are with your answer, the better your chances of winning our groovy prize of a £20 voucher to spend in Yeha Noha Café.

Please submit your answers in the following format:

• Picture number.
• Road name.
• Building/Structure number, name, or historical name.

Your answers should then be emailed to: CLOSED

All entries must be received before midnight on Sunday 13 November 2016.
A winner will be randomly selected from all the correct entries within one week of the competition closing. 

The prize for this competition has been kindly donated by the sponsor, and may only be used at Yeha Noha Café.

And now… here is the boring legal stuff !

The prize is not exchangeable for cash, and must be redeemed in a single transaction before the expiry date on the voucher. 

If you spend less than the value of the voucher, there will be no change given. You may add cash to 'top up' the value of the voucher if you wish. (Change will only be given from any amount over the original value of the voucher, where appropriate).

The voucher is not transferable.

Entries may not be made by employees of South Norwood.Net, or anyone directly related to the compiling and / or publishing of the competition.

Entries to this competition may only be made via the email address given, and in the format requested. 

No other correspondence will be entered into.

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